The North American tour reaches its last stop

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X JAPAN NORTH AMERICA TOUR  @ the Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY, 2010.10.10)


SE.New Opening


02.Rusty Nail – Japanese & English Ver. –

03.Silent Jealousy


05.SUGIZO Violin Solo / Yoshiki Piano Solo / Yoshiki & Sugizo Duo

06.紅 – English Ver. –

Happy Birthday Toshi with a birthday cake

07.Born To Be Free

08.YOSHIKI Drums Solo




Sugizo Violin Interlude

E1-2.ART OF LIFE – 2nd movement –

SE.Forever Love Last Mix


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New York Metromix

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The audience before the gig by 大石征裕 (Oishi Masahiro)

Intro + Jade by VinnyShinny

Intro + Jade by LilithnoMarian

Intro + Jade by MrStingyJr2

Rusty Nail by jack71483

Rusty Nail clip by cereberous

Silent Jealousy by shebalord (more vids in the channel)

Silent Jealousy by park8272 (more vids in the channel)

Drain by discoballman (plus Sugizo Violin Solo)

Sugizo Violin Solo, Yoshiki Piano Solo, Yoshiki & Sugizo Duo + Kurenai by hidetoxjapan (plus X)

Sugizo Violin Solo, Yoshiki Piano Solo, Sugizo & Yoshiki Duet by SketchArashi5x10

Happy Birthday Toshi by 85metalmania666

Happy Birthday Toshi by grassmere1970

Born To Be Free by Dominick7 (more vids in the channel)

Yoshiki Drum Solo by renx171 (plus Silent Jealousy)

X by dkstar222 (more vids in the channel)

Endless Rain by DRACO5X (more vids in the channel)

Endless Rain by viccii117 (more vids in the channel)

Art Of Life by sakijoy (more vids in the channel)

SE Forever Love by Kyousei68 (plus X without sound too)

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Thanks to all who made possible this amazing tour. See you soon!