X Japan’s North American Tour has reached its second stop. This time in Oakland, California.

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X JAPAN NORTH AMERICA TOUR  @ the Wiltern Theatre (Oakland, California, 2010.9.28)


SE.New Opening


02.Rusty Nail – English Ver. -

03.Silent Jealousy – English Ver. -


05.SUGIZO Violin Solo / Yoshiki Piano Solo / Yoshiki & Sugizo Duo

06.紅 – English Ver. -

07.Born To Be Free

08.YOSHIKI Drums Solo




Sugizo Violin Interlude

E1-2.ART OF LIFE – 2nd movement -

SE.Forever Love Last Mix


Setlist is the same as it was in Los Angeles. You can read all the info we’re getting on X Boards in the thread about this tour (around the seventh page you can start reading reviews and getting pictures of this gig), but here you have a little glimpse of pics, vids & reviews that we’re getting.

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Live105radio gallery by whitemenace

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Soundcheck by TylersConcertVideos

Intro + Jade by tuneout (more vids in the channel)

Intro + Jade by jukkakhan (more vids in the channel)

Intro + Jade by jikinoko (more vids coming soon?)

Intro + Jade by tsubakichan

Intro + Jade by atenza544

Jade by asiagal2 (more vids in the channel)

Silent Jealousy by CINEMA18

Silent Jealousy by royal2878 (more vids in the channel)

Yoshiki & Sugizo Piano & Violin Duo by Ariaza

Sugizo Violin Solo, Yoshiki Piano Solo, Yoshiki & Sugizo Duo + Kurenai by lucidlunacypresents

Kurenai by KKDisco (plus Art Of Life)

Kurenai by iAnimeAddicted (plus X)

Born To Be Free by TuaMater (plus Silent Jealousy)

I.V. by photomistress (more vids in the channel)

X by alonzomomo

“We are X!” by htjester (more vids in the channel)

Art Of Life by khu834 (more vids in the channel)

Endless Rain by UrbanEnvyNYC (plus Art Of Life )

Endless Rain by d1rtyh4rryb

Endless Rain by hsakuragi

Endless Rain + SUGIZO violin by SierraHyde (plus Born To Be Free)

Forever Love SE by misono82

Best moments by Tpekie

Foreverblueskies’s Youtube Channel

Fan Reviews




San Francisco Weekly

Mercury News Review

The Owl Mag

Next stop: Paramount Theatre (Seattle, WA) on October 1 (Friday)