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One year ago, we, in Sugizo Source, created a guide where we explain how to join Sugizo’s Fanclub “Soul’s Mate” in English.

Now a lot of the “Soul’s Mate” are getting emails telling them that their membership is expiring. We have updated the guide, explaining HOW TO RENEW THE MEMBERSHIP.

You can check it here and whenever you want, up in our homepage bar.

Sugizo Source on hiatus?

I haven’t updated Sugizo Source in a while. The reasons? I’ve been busy with real life and other stuff. Sugizo Source will be back, stronger than ever, soon. Meanwhile, you can check daily Sugizo’s news on SGZ -World-wide Soul’s Mate-, a great group on Facebook where I work hard with my friend Hiroko from Luna Sea WorldWide Street Team to spread Sugizo’s love around the world.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sugizo’s birthday fanbook project – Send your message to SGZ before June 5!


Artwork made by Núria Crivillés Oliveras


On July 8, it’s Sugizo’s 42th birthday.

We, as SGZ -World-wide Soul’s Mate-, have decided to create a book with fan messages to greet him in this time.

Wanna send him a message? Here’s what you have to do!

Your Name :

Your nickname : (Optional)

Your email address :

Your country:

Your message to SUGIZO:

Send everything to

Deadline is June 5! We hope to receive your messages!

You can read our original note here

Preview from Luna Sea’s re-recorded self cover album on Avex website!

Avex revealed three previews from the self cover album. They are “Sandy Time”, “Branch Road” & “Chess”. You can listen there here

© avex

Also, there are more info about the premium box. It will include “Shade” demo tape cassette and a long sleeve t-shirt with the original design of “Under The New Moon” tour t-shirt from 1991.

It’s selling fast. Get your copy now on HMV Japan! (Apparently, it’s already sold out on Amazon Japan)

Sugizo’s book on sale on March 22! // SGZ & Luna Sea on the press

This came as a surprise for most of the SGZ fans out there. Sugizo will release a book called 音楽に愛された男、その波乱の半生” (“The man who loved music, a life of ups and downs”) on March 22.

We will give you more info about this book as soon as we get it. You can already pre-order your copy on HMV Japan for ¥1,800.

Here you have a little compilation of the magazine featuring Sugizo and Luna Sea, on sale this month!

Rock and Read 34 (SUGIZO)

Rockin’ on JAPAN (LUNA SEA)


Player (LUNA SEA)

音楽と人 April Issue (Ongaki to Hito) (SUGIZO)


Guitar Magazine(INORAN & SUGIZO, LUNA SEA)


LUNA SEA cast【1991~2011 INTERVIEWS special edition】

You can find these magazine on CDJAPAN, AMAZON JAPAN OR HMV JAPAN



Avex has finally revealed the artwork for the upcoming Luna Sea DVDs. Here are the covers and the info about where to buy them!

REBOOT -to the New Moon- 【Special Package – Limited Edition】YIZQ-10051 ¥8,000(tax in.)DVD+TOUR Limited Goods

【DVD】YIZQ-10052 ¥5,000(tax in.)

Amazon Japan


HMV Japan

Tower Records


REBOOT -to the New Moon- TOKYO DOME

【DVD:2Discs】YICQ-10053~54 ¥7,980(tax in.)

【Blu-ray】YIXQ-10055 ¥8,925(tax in.)

Amazon Japan


HMV Japan

Tower Records


LUNACY 黒服限定GIG ~the Holy Night~

【DVD:2Discs】YICQ-10056~57 ¥7,980(tax in.)
【Blu-ray】YIXQ-10058 ¥8,925(tax in.)

Amazon Japan


HMV Japan

Tower Records


Source: LUNA SEA’s avex official site

Sugizo performing on “Asia Girls Explosion” with Violet UK & X Japan on March 6


Asia Girls Explosion is a huge project which combines music and fashion. The mastermind of this project are Yoshiki & JayFR. Yoshiki and fashion are really connected since his childhood because his parents owned a kimono shop. He wanted to express music and fashion as one and open minds with this event.

This event will have the collaboration of international artists as Marilyn Manson and Yoshiki’s bands, Violet UK & X Japan. X Japan will perform “Jade”, their new single and “Scarlet Love Song”, main theme for the japanese movie “Buddha”. Sugizo will participate with both bands to make of this event an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget it. You have a date with fashion and music on March 6 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium

If you want to attend, you can buy tickets on

You can read more about this event in the following articles:


Sankei (Japanese)

Music Japan +

Sanspo (Japanese)

Jrock Revolution

Tokyo Hive


New Sugizo’s “Will” // Luna Sea Special on ROCKIN’ON JAPAN Magazine

© Sugizo OHP (hearts <3 by nurz)

Sugizo is back after a month of silence. On “Happy Valentine Day”, He talks about his feelings, Luna Sea, losing his friends in his blog.

You can find it on his website in English & in Japanese and also on Myspace both English & Japanese.

As usual, don’t forget to read it, enjoy it and leave him a comment! 😉

We, in SUGIZO SOURCE, send him our best wishes and positive vibes in these notsogood times for him.


LUNA SEA 32P special feature will be attached on ROCKIN’ON JAPAN April edition (2/28 on sale). 

“REBOOT” world tour which shook a whole world, TOKYO DOME 3DAYS GIG, Self cover album in their indies period “LUNA SEA”… The article is probing into what the present LUNA SEA is.

Why they had to close the cartain? How did they faced on LUNA SEA after 10 years? What is the dream and the role they has to perform to current rock scene?

RYUICHI, SUGIZO, INORAN, J and Shinya talk about world’s proud rock band from Japan LUNA SEA with their own words.

The newest interview of 5 members, original photo and rare unpublished photo are all on the magazine. 

All the present, past and future of LUNA SEA is included in this special book!



More info on ROCKIN’ON JAPAN. Sugizo and Ryuichi appear too! 🙂

We will inform you about where to buy it as soon as we get the details!

“LUNA SEA” self cover album: Three different editions!

avex has unveiled the looks of the three different editions of Luna Sea’s self cover album. The band has been re-recording it to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

© avex

We remind you what it’s included in every edition:

– 1st limited edition PREMIUM BOX (YIZQ-10048/B)
Included their reproduced 2nd demo tape “SHADE” (1,000 limited distribution in 1989) + gorgeous PREMIUM goods
10,000yen (tax-in)
Pre-order on CDJapan
– CD+DVD edition (YICQ-10049/B)
CD+Documentary DVD
4,000yen (tax-in)
Pre-order on CDJapan
– CD only (YICQ-10050)
3,150yen (tax-in)
Pre-order on CDJapan
On sale on March 16!!!

X Japan signs 3 years contract with EMI MUSIC // Jade single out on March 15. Single details

X Japan Promo
© Micah Smith 2010

Band In The Studio Recording American Debut Set for a Summer 2011 Release

LOS ANGELES, CA ­ (Thursday, January 27, 2011) — X Japan, one of the most successful rock band in Japanese history, and EMI Music have signed an exclusive three-year manufacturing and distribution agreement that will have EMI Label Services handle the band¹s releases in North America. The first release will be the track ³Jade² on March 15, followed by the band’s as yet untitled American debut set for a Summer, 2011 release.

“We are so honored to have X Japan as part of the EMI Label Services/Caroline family” commented Mike Harris, Executive Vice President/General Manager, EMI Label Services & Caroline Distribution. “After the highly successful North American tour last fall, the timing is perfect for the upcoming X Japan release” added Dominic Pandiscia, Executive Vice President EMI Music Services North America, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with X Japan. They have cultivated a strong following in the U.S. and we look forward to working with them, helping to reach even more fans”.

X Japan ­-Yoshiki/band leader/producer/songwriter/drums, piano, Toshi/vocals, Pata/guitar, Sugizo/guitar, violin, and Heath/bass- is in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album, the band’s first new studio album since 1996, and fifth overall. Half of the songs will be culled from some of the band’s Gold and Platinum Japanese singles; the other half are brand-new songs, and an estimated 95% of the lyrics are being sung in English.

“Some of the songs on this new album were originally written with Japanese lyrics” Yoshiki explained, “so translating them into English has been challenging. For some reason, English needs more words, so I ended up re-writing many of the lyrics but kept the same message.”

Most of the album has been recorded in Los Angeles at Yoshiki’s own studio. It’s the same studio where Metallica recorded its classic “Black” album, and artists from Van Halen to Michael Jackson to KISS also recorded there before Yoshiki bought it and turned it into a private facility. Yoshiki, who lives in Los Angeles, traveled to Japan a handful of times to record with the rest of the band there. In addition, some of the album has been recorded live over the Internet, with Yoshiki in L.A. and the band’s other members at their studio in Japan.

Added Yoshiki, “X Japan’s music is everything from fast, super-heavy rock to ballads with classical piano – all of those elements are what makes X Japan¹s music. We don’t play just one kind of music – we want to take people on a journey.”

The X Japan/EMI agreement comes on the heels of X Japan’s U.S. concert debut last August at Lollapalooza, and the band¹s first-ever North American tour that wrapped up on October 10 with a sold out show at New York¹s Roseland Ballroom. Many of the new album’s tracks were introduced to western fans when they were performed on the tour, including “Rusty Nail,” “Kurenai,” “I.V.,” “Born to Be Free,” and the album’s first single, “Jade.”

Over the course of the tour’s seven dates, all played in theatre-sized venues, X Japan easily demonstrated why they’ve sold more than 30-million units and filled the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome a record-setting 18 times. X Japan hadn’t played venues that small in more than 15 years, so they tailored their “stadium-mindset” production to the theaters, making every effort to bring their take-no-prisoners theatrics and spectacular visuals to America. As the SF Weekly put it, “All it took was one show to make it very clear why X Japan is such a phenomenon in its homeland.”

Distribution agreements outside of North America, including Japan, will be announced shortly.

To support the new album, X Japan plans to tour extensively in 2011.

Check out some song teasers from the new album, here:


Source: HERFitz PR


Also, we have the info about the upcoming single “Jade” getting  release in North America on March 15

「JADE」 Written and Produced by:Yoshiki
Recorded by:X Japan(Vocals:Toshl, Guitar:Pata, Guitar:Sugizo, Bass:Heath, Drum and Guitar:Yoshiki)
Label:EMI North America
Orchestration:Yoshiki & David Campbell
Orchestra Recorded by:Steve Churchill
Engineered by:Stan Katayama, Ryan Boesch, Mike Ging, Yuji Sugiyama, Motonari Matsumoto
Mixed by:Andy Wallace
Recorded at:Extasy Recording Studios(LA), Capitol Records(LA), Sound City(Japan)
Mastered by:Stephen Marcussen

Info about the upcoming album:

– They will try to release the single in Asia and Europe at the same time too.
– Two different music videos are made for the single release.
– The cover has already been shoot. No members on the cover.
–  Album has 50-50 new songs-old song,  most of them in English .
–   European & South American tour under discussion .


Info in the press, both Japanese & international


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