SALOME, Kaya in Mexico & more
Addicted on June 18, 2012

CDJapan is already shipping SALOME single for those who pre-ordered it, even though we're 2 days away from the official release date. And just a few minutes ago, Kawaii Girl Japan uploaded a video of Kaya talking about SALOME, and his upcoming overseas concerts.

The VIP tickets for Kaya's live in Mexico are sold out already, both destined for people in Mexico City, and other states as well. According to a Facebook event created by Harajuku Store's owner, CLUB 88 sold 10 extra tickets for people from other Mexican states. They also said there's not going to be a signing session, but it's probable they'll set a gift table.

Just like it was announced on Kaya's Ameblo, the VIP ticket will include a badge, access to a preferential zone nearest to the stage, and a Meet & Greet with Kaya at the end of the concert. Thanks to our friend khaotic_kozi we have some pictures of the ticket and the VIP badge:

Your assistance is important!

CLUB 88 is a small place, and even if you buy a General ticket, you'll still be VERY close to Kaya and the stage, so please don't be discouraged by that; it's really important that the live sells out! That's the only thing that can guarantee that Kaya keeps visiting Mexico and other Latin countries. Kaya needs to see we're interested.

Kaya have always said that he loves to travel, he enjoys to be an artists and visit his fans outside Japan, but we need to remember that this is a business too, and his concerts needs to be justified through sales.

Lets give a good impression about Latin America!

We would like to extend an invitation to all Latin Addicts, so we can give Kaya the respect he deserves: not just like a musician, but as a person.

Kaya has shown to be the kind of person that will always keep smiling, even when he's facing something uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it's important to give good image of Latin America and ourselves, since Japanese artists often talk between themselves, and news spread fast. Therefore, we invite all Latin Addicts to share this pro-respect movement.
If during the concert Kaya throws himself to the crowd:
  • No not push or pull around in a manner that may harm him.
  • Do not damage his outfit, which is expensive, and also his working instrument.
  • Do not try to tear out stuff from his costume as a "memento":
  • Do not pull, tear out, harm his hair and/or accessories.

Let's remember that Japanese culture is extremely different to Latin culture. If he comes near you, always be kind, and if you have the privilege to shake his hand, do it gently in order to avoid harming him.

This is a movement that will benefit all of us, let's assist and show that we are an excellent fandom!

Kaya in Mexico, again!
Addicted on June 16, 2012

Recently, Kaya posted a Spanish message in his Ameblo, revealing that he will be doing a last-minute concert in Mexico D.F. thanks to the support of Harajuku store. Kaya also said that, sadly, he won't be doing any more concerts in Latin America for 2012, save for the ones on Mexico and Brazil, but he also expressed his desire to return soon! Meanwhile, this is a great opportunity for Mexican Addicts!

When? July 14, 16:00 hours.
Where? CLUB 88, Mexico D.F.
Ticket costs? $400 for regular, $600 for VIP (mx pesos).

The pre-sale of tickets started just a few minutes ago from this post, you can buy them at Harajuku store in Plaza Revolución, or order them online via following the instructions below; remember that there is no other place to order them online, avoid scammers!

Following is a translation of Kaya's blog post in Spanish:


Hello!! Dear Mexican Addicts
How are you? I'm Kaya, and I have good news for you.
This year I'm making a concert in Mexico, first it was going to be just in Brazil, but Harajuku store is supporting me to make a concert in Mexico!!!
We're going to have a wonderful time, I'm filled with illusion from seeing you again.
With lots of love...

※For Latin America
This year I will only make concerts in Brazil and Mexico, it's a pity that I can't see everyone in Latin America.
But, please wait, I'll be back soon to see you
With lots of love...


KAYA Concert 
On July 14, 16:00 hrs
Place: CLUB 88
Address: Frontera 88, corner with Colima, near Jardin Puschkin metrobus

Courtesy sodas will be handed out during the first hour of access


Ticket sales
Normal $400 (pesos)
VIP $600 (pesos)

VIP limited to 60 people
Harajuku store holds 40 tickets in stock
Internet service holds 20 tickets in stock

VIP entrances include:
1. A special VIP ID badge
2. Seeing Kaya in a preferential zone close to the stage
3. Greeting Kaya in a fanmeeting after the concert

NOTE: Out of respect to the singer, it's strictly prohibited to take pictures or video inside the concert. If anyone is surprised shooting video or photos of the concert, he will be warned, and in case of disregarding the warning, they will be removed from the device they're using.

★★Ticket sale at Harajuku store in D.F.★★
Pre-sale from June 16 to July 7 at Harajuku store
Plaza Revolución Local #94
Just at the side of metro Revolución
Monday to Saturday from 2:00 to 7:00 pm
Tickets will also be sold the day of the concert at CLUB 88
★★Tickets sale outside of D.F.★★
From June 17 to July 7 (no more tickets will be sold after this date, and payments won't be accepted either)

You need to:

1.- Send an e-mail to and write as subjetct: concierto de Kaya.
IMPORTANT: You can only request via e-mail, we don't accept messages via Facebook or other methods.

2.- Write your full name, address, number of tickets you wish to buy, and ask us for the bank account number to deposit the money. We will reply you back with the account number where you'll deposit the money, and your documentation to retrieve the tickets.

3.- IMPORTANT: After you've received our e-mail with the account number for deposit, and your ticket documentation, you'll only have 2 days to make the deposit and send us the scanned copy of the deposit card, otherwise you'll lose your ticket.

4.- The day of the concert you'll have to show in the entrance with your payment receipt (original deposit card), and any identification with your full name and ticket documentation.

★★CLUB 88 Rules★★
No smoking inside the building
No backpacks or big bags allowed inside, they'll have to be left in the parcels service with a cost of $25 pesos
No food or drinks allowed to be bringed from outside
No alcoholic drinks will be sold to minors, you'll need an IFE card
No weapons or pointy objects, entrance will be prohibited
No umbrellas allowed inside
No drugs or narcotics inside the building
Kaya in Brazil once again
Addicted on May 18, 2012

Kaya just announced on his Twitter account that he will be visiting Brazil again this year, and he will have a concert in the same event from last year, Anime Friends 2012, that will take place on July 7th & 8th. He said that he will go alone this time, and for us to wait for more announcements.
Let's hope for another Latin American Tour!

Sources: Twitter & Anime Friends 2012 
SALOME Preview
Addicted on May 7, 2012

CDJapan updated the information on SALOME, there will be a First Press Bonus, which will be a CDJapan exclusive autographed photo.

Kaya's look for SALOME was released as well a couple days before, he seems to be promoting his nail art in it as well. He posted the pictures on his Ameblo.

Also, today has been released the preview for the upcoming single on YouTube.

Cafe NOIR live CD and more!
Addicted on April 12, 2012

Thanks to our friend Kaya Rose from Facebook, we bring you an improvement to our Discography section, featuring some rare Kaya releases, and some neat audio previews, so be sure to check it out! The following things were updated in Discography:
  1. Edited the Kaya Meikyoku Series 1 Bon jour! Chanson mini album, we improved the comments to give you a better insight on the chansons featured.
  2. Added Kaya Chanson LIVE SHOW Cafe NOIR under other releases, a chanson live CD with songs from 2011, being recently released in 2012, if you have more info on the exact release date please contact us!
  3. Added Chocolat Music Clip Making Of under other releases, a rare DVD from 2008 that was available through mail order.
  4. Added Salon de Chocolat Offshoot under other releases, a rare DVD from 2008 that was available through mail order.

If you notice any typos, broken links, or any mistakes, please let us know. We'd like to take the chance to remind all addicts that Recurrence of Hallucination and Recurrence of Hallucination -LIVE- are still available through mail order at Hora's website, these are very rare items since they're limited to 1000 copies, so don't miss your chance to get them! You can use our guide to order it online.

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